We teach you Outcomes Thinking

“All you need is your brain, something to write with, something to write on, and someone to work with.”

Desired Outcomes are carefully crafted statements that define what the future looks like when it is working “just right”, or “well”, or “well enough”. 

Outcome statements transform tacit, fuzzy, unstructured ideas in people’s heads into explicit, clear, measurable pieces of a project or a strategy that everybody can then share, debate and agree.

Path Dependency makes clear the journey by which Outcomes are realized, and highlights the critical decisions which open up or close down alternative futures.

Everyone can learn

Business Executives
directing strategy to improve the business bottom-line, who want to start projects confident they can finish them successfully.

Project professionals
who want to do more than just finish a project “on-time and budget”, and are seeking expertise to partner with the business to deliver real value.

Operational Staff
who want to improve their areas and need simple methods to plan and implement the changes.

Advisors and mentors
working with organizations to improve performance, who seek practical tools they can use with their clients to accelerate results

Our practical expertise is internationally recognized

Why Cool: Ensuring that projects actually deliver value is an arcane art. Most people who are proficient at the art of delivering value learned it through experience. The niche that TOP . . . fills in the strategy execution field is providing explicit instructions through a series of books and guides that provide step-by-step instruction on how to achieve benefits.

Gartner Cool Vendors in Program and Portfolio Management, 2011


When we looked around the world, the most developed solution was TOP’s.

Juhn Maing, The Research Board

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TOP makes a significant contribution to improving the practice of management especially relating to design and execution of projects of various kinds.

Frank M. Horwitz,Professor Emeritus International HRM Cranfield School of Management and Cranfield Defence and Security |
Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Director of School of Management (2009-2013)
Cranfield University, UK

Cranfield University SoM

iAwards “Outstanding Australian Product Innovation”

 Australian Information Industry Association



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