The Centers of Expertise equip organizations take a stratagem, validate it, and then execute it successfully.

CENTERS of EXPERTISE (CoE) contain more extensive materials targeted at building organizational capability.

 They contain more extensive materials targeted to building organizational capability and include end-to-end processes with all activities that link strategy to results, templates, slide packs for workshops, guidance on how to implement the processes, and more. These are intended for you to use and adapt to suit your organization’s needs.

The Centers of Expertise give you a quick start and enable you to build a complete end-to-end strategy execution and value delivery capability for strategic initiatives, projects, and programs. 

More information on the subscription options, who can benefit, and the materials included are given in the overview descriptions below.


Business Case
Center of Expertise

The Business Case should be where the full available value of the proposed project/program is captured. Instead it is, too often, where most value is missed or destroyed. Commonly, the Busienss Case is written as a 'dash for cash' in order to get the project approval over the line so "we can get started and besides, no one will ever look at it again".

Poor identification of the project's benefits and value , a lack of clear, specific and measurable outcomes and lack of comparability all contribute to business cases destroying rather than capturing massive value.

The Business is the master control document for the project, which either "makes" or "breaks" the project in terms of delivery business results and value. It is the contract between the Sponsor and the Organization for the delivery of the investment's value.  

In the Business Case Center of Expertise, we equip you with everything you need to easily create a concise and powerful Business Case that will give clear direction to the project,  increase the project value and reduce its cost.

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Project Governance
Center of Expertise

'Project Governance' is a topic poorly understood by most in the role, which may explain why more projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management.

Understanding the true nature of project governance is critical to your projects’ success. Few Sponsors and governance team members know why they are there or what they should do, when, why or how.

All executives and project specialists in a governance role and Investment committee members and Enterprise Portfolio who wish to build their organizational capability will benefit from these materials. 


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Center of Expertise

Prioritization ‑ “doing the right projects” ‑ is a critical contributor to every organization’s success in executing strategy. An effective prioritization process ensures that relevant, worthwhile and deliverable projects, are approved and pursued.

The prioritization process should ensure the organization’s resources  - investment capital, people, effort, time and commitment are allocated to the strategically relevant, highest priority projects.


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Portfolio Management
Center of Expertise

Strategic Project Portfolio Management oversees the execution of the strategy on behalf of the Board and Executive Leadership team, taking action to preserve value and realize the results through the portfolio of projects and programs and the governance teams.

But, while portfolio management is commonly seen as a superset of project and program management, it is more correctly a subset of strategic management—it's a strategy execution role!

The Portfolio Management Center of Expertise equips PMOs to perform their strategic roles by providing the tools, techniques, and processes they need.


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Investment Management
Center of Expertise

Investment Management involves more than just approving projects, it must also ensure the delivery of the strategy.

Investment Management needs to ensure the processes and policies are in place to ensure project investment success. That way it  will progressively increase your organization’s capability to consistently deliver improved results and ROI.

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Benefits Management
Center of Expertise

You commission projects to deliver the desired business outcomes, benefits, and value.

So ‘benefits management’ should be seen as the core purpose of every project investment.

Integrating all aspects of benefits management into how you approach, deliver, and measure your project investments is critical to maximizing your ‘banked’ benefits while minimizing the management and measurement costs involved. 


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Strategy Execution
Center of Expertise

Executing your strategy is when the value is delivered.  Executing strategy is also where most - up to 70% - of strategies fail. If you are not sure your strategy is going to deliver the desired results, or is even within you organization's capability to deliver, you need to assess this now.

If you're struggling to ensure your strategy is being implemented successfully, and in full, you need to take control and ensure the desired results are clear, achievable, prioritized and measured as delivered. 

This Center of Expertise provides the 'missing link' between the overall strategy and the project portfolio.


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Value Equation
Center of Expertise

To deliver value from projects, first, you have to define the value. Then you have to track it relentlessly till the value is delivered. It's that simple.

Many organizations struggle with this, and the current orthodox approaches are complex and unnecessarily costly. 

The TOP Value Equationℱ is a powerful yet simple model that shows you the exact steps to define and then track and deliver project value. Everyone can learn how to build the Value Equation for their strategy or project.

To assist you, the "TOP Value Equation Handbook" is available for download, or purchase as a printed book from Amazon.

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