Answers to questions you may have about TOP

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How can I contact TOP?

Contact us via the Contact TOP page.

How do I contact one of the TOP people?

LinkedIn details are shown for all TOP people, and we all welcome connections.

Or you can contact us via the Contact TOP page.

Why do you ask me for the information shown on the contact form?

TOP needs your email address so we can respond to you by email. We also ask for your name details so that we can reply with personalised service. We ask for your country location so we can put you in touch with the right TOP person.

We NEVER share your information with anyone and only TOP people can access it.

How can I get help with items not shown in the FAQs?

Contact us via the Contact TOP page.

Who can I contact if I want to discuss how to get started as I have specific needs?

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly. While we have written some suggested approaches as to how to adopt TOP, we are always happy to  speak directly. Contact us via the Contact TOP page.

Can I use the TOP materials in my own work?

We welcome and indeed encourage people to spread the word by using TOP materials in their presentations, subject to TOP's written permission as detailed in the Terms of Use.

How can I get assistance in using online learning?

If the issue is with navigating or using online learning, contact us via the Contact TOP page

If you need consulting assistance, we can put you in touch with one of our Partners. 

How do I cancel my online subscription?

  1. Log into your Online learning library.
  2. Click on your avatar image (top and right of “My Library”)
  3. Select “My Profile”
  4. Select the subscription you wish to cancel
  5. If you used Stripe for the subscription, click the “Cancel” button
  6. If you used Paypal for the subscription, click the “Manage Subscription in Paypal” link
  7. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle

If you have problems, contact us via the Contact TOP page using the email address you used for your subscription. 

What happens when my subscription expires?

On the expiry of the current subscription, your payment method will be auto-charged for the next period. 

If the payment fails, you will be advised via email.  Non-payment will result in cancellation of your subscription.

What is the difference between “TOP Thinking” and “Thought leaders”?

“TOP thinking” is our blog where we write shorter posts about once per month on specific TOPics or issues.

 â€śThought leaders” are longer articles which examine a TOPic in greater detail.

Why are some books not available as downloads?

Some books are limited to either Kindle or Printed Book versions due to publishing arrangements. 

If you require downloads for your specific requirements,contact us via the Contact TOP page.


Who can help me with my projects using TOP?

 TOP itself no longer undertakes client consulting assignments.

However, we have trusted Partners we have worked with over the years, and can put you in touch with.  

What is the "LOGIN" button at the bottom of each page?

The "LOGIN" button gives you access to your TOP subscriptions.

Please use the email and password you used when subscribing.

Click the "Forgot Password" button if you need to reset your password.

Why am I being asked to re-enter my email and name?

The first time you access the website, you are asked for permission to ACCEPT cookies.

If you DECLINE, you will be asked for your email and name details each time you access a form.

If you ACCEPT, your details will be remembered and future forms will be pre-filled.

If you clear your cookies, you will revert to a first time customer.