All TOP's "learnable and teachable" Strategy Execution expertise can be found here

To be successful at executing strategy through projects you need to build individual competency as well as your organizational capability.

TOP is learnable so you can build competency TOP's knowledge and expertise is practical, simple to use, and specifically designed so that you can learn it and apply it to your own projects.
TOP is teachable so you can build capability You apply the tools and techniques, and by working with others they learn how to apply them too. That way, you build organizational capability

TOP provides you with materials to support:

Everyone – from senior business executives down to front-line operational staff and project & technical specialists – can easily learn how to define valuable projects that execute strategy and deliver business results.

TOP supports all activities that link strategy to results. TOP's tried-and-tested know-how has been developed over more than two lifetimes, working directly with staff in major organizations and SMEs, at every level from bottom to top.

“The reason why the processes and techniques work so well? Boy, did we get told when they didn’t!”
Alex Chapman

Where TOP fits with other project methods

TOP does not replace project methodologies such as PMI or PRINCE2. Rather, TOP enables these orthodox project approaches to be far more effective.

Four Lenses 2020.20.3 trans TOP focuses on the top two lenses - Strategy and Business Value - which then provide direction to activities in the Project and Technical Delivery lenses.

TOP provides AGILE & SAFe with the crystal clear definitions of outcomes and business processes that are needed for AGILE to work.

TOP gives clarity to the project delivery process by ensuring that all activities required to deliver the Desired Outcomes can be identified, cost-estimated, project-planned and managed. TOP does, however, disagree with some of the orthodox views on projects delivery. For example, there is a view that “projects do not deliver benefits, programs do.” TOP says all projects and programs should deliver value!

How TOP’s materials are organized:

FREE MATERIALS on the TOP website include books, blogs, videos, templates and frameworks for you to read and share.

MASTERCLASSES focus on giving you a quick start to build individual competency. These cover specific areas such as how to build a Value Equation for your project or strategy. They contain videos, book downloads and templates.

CENTERS of EXPERTISE (CoE) contain more extensive materials focused on building organizational capability. They contain suggested end-to-end processes, templates, guidance as to how to implement the processes, slide packs for workshops and more. You can use and adapt these materials to suit your organization’s needs. Staff build their skills as they apply the materials to address project problems. Strategy execution and value delivery become a core capability of the organization.

CERTIFICATION is presently offered online for the TOP Value Equation™.

More information on the subscription options, who can benefit and the materials included are given in the overview descriptions provided below.


Please note we are presently engaged in a major upgrade of all the TOP online materials. These will be released incrementally commencing from mid-September 2020.

If you would like more information or would like to gain early access as a 'beta' release subscriber, please contact us here.
Alex Chapman COO

The TOP 15 Questions
for Executives Masterclass

In this masterclass, we have compiled the 15 Questions that every executive needs to ask of every project.

More importantly, we also give you details of what to look for in the answers.

Some of our recommended answers challenge project orthodoxy, how projects are conventionally thought about, approached and delivered. We do this quite deliberately as the orthodox approaches are not value delivery focused and, therefore, routinely miss, lose or destroy more value than they deliver.

Use these questions to get the right answers and dramatically increase returns from your projects and reduce the loss and wastage.  

For a limited time only, we will be offering FREE access to this  masterclass. 

Project Governance

Few executives are trained and knowledgeable in their Project Governance roles – indeed, most don’t really understand what they are responsible for. Is it any wonder then, that research repeatedly finds that more projects fail due to poor project governance than poor project management?

Project governance is a knowledge and skill-set that needs to be learned. Just 'winging it' and hoping for the best does not deliver the desired results.

This Masterclass will show Sponsors and Governance team members what to do, when, why and how on this frequently misunderstood topic. 

For a limited time only, we will be offering FREE access to the beta version of this  masterclass.

Strategy for PMOs

There are two types of Portfolio Management Offices. Those that are strategy-based and those that are project-based. The tools they use, what they focus on, and how they are measured are quite different for each. Only strategy-based PMOs are recognised by the business as ‘successful’ and ‘valuable’. Only Strategic PMOs can ensure the organization's strategy is delivered.

But, how do you become a ‘strategic’ PMO?

In this Masterclass, we explain how and provide you the tools, techniques and processes to put your knowledge into practice.

This masterclass is currently being upgraded. The beta version will be available in late September 2020.

Value Equation™

To deliver value from projects, first you have to define the value. Most organizations struggle with this and yet it is a core capability for every organization. Current orthodox approaches are complex and unnecessarily costly.

The TOP Value Equation™ is a powerful yet simple model that shows you the exact steps to define and then track and deliver project. Everyone can learn how to build the Value Equation for their strategy or project.

This Masterclass shows you how. 

This masterclass is currently being upgraded. The beta version will be available in late September 2020.

Business Case
Center of Expertise

The Business Case is the contract between the Sponsor and the Organization for the delivery of the investment's value.  

It is the master control document for the project, which either "makes" or "breaks" the project in terms of delivery business results and value. The Business Case should be where the full available value of the proposed project/program is captured.  Instead it is, too often, where most value is missed or destroyed.

In this Center of Expertise, we equip you with everything you need to easily create a concise and powerful Business Case that will give clear direction to the project,  increase the project value and reduce its cost.

This Center of Expertise is currently being upgraded. The beta version will be available in late September 2020.

TOP Value Equation

Become a certified practitioner in the Value Equation.  

Every executive and project specialist can use this powerful thinking process. The Value Equation is easy to learn and can be applied - not just to projects, but also to developing or validating a strategy. You can even use the same thinking process on a personal level to plan personal goals, or to develop a career plan to become a top professional in your field. 

This Certification course is currently being upgraded. The beta version will be available in late September 2020.