An overview of all the TOP expertise you can access

To be successful at executing strategy through projects you need to build individual competency as well as your organizational capability.

TOP provides you with comprehensive start-to-end tools, techniques and processes to enable you to take a stratagem, validate it and then execute it successfully.

TOP provides online materials

FREE MATERIALS on the TOP website—books, blogs, videos, templates and frameworks—for you to read and share.

MASTERCLASSES focus on giving a quick start to building individual competency. These cover specific areas such as how to build a Value Equation or aim to change how you how you think about, approach and deliver projects, benefits, or your strategy. They contain self-study videos, readings and book downloads.

CENTERS of EXPERTISE (CoE) contain more extensive materials targeted to building organizational capability and include end-to-end processes with all activities that link strategy to results, templates, slide packs for workshops, guidance as to how to implement the processes, and more. These are intended for you to use and adapt to suit your organization’s needs.

CERTIFICATION is presently via webinar and also online for the TOP Value Equation™.

Everyone—from senior business executives down to front-line operational staff and project & technical specialists—can easily build their skills as they apply the materials to address project problems, and at the same time your organization builds its core capabilities to define valuable projects that execute the strategy and then deliver business results

You can learn and use the TOP material yourself, or access the support of TOP Partners if you would like to accelerate your learning curve.

TOP supports

TOP's tried-and-tested practical know-how has been developed over more than two lifetimes, working directly with staff in major organizations and SMEs, at every level in the organization from bottom to top.

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“The reason why the processes and techniques work so well? Boy, did we get told if they didn’t!” — Alex Chapman

Where TOP fits with other project methods

TOP does not replace project methodologies such as PMI or PRINCE2. Rather, TOP links wonderfully well to orthodox project delivery processes and software development techniques, as it enables these to be far more effective.

  • TOP focuses on the top two lenses - Strategy and Business Value - which then provide direction to activities in the Project and Technical Delivery lenses. Traditional project methodologies focus primarily on what is needed to deliver a project - the project and technical control lenses.
  • TOP provides AGILE & SAFe with the crystal clear definitions of outcomes and business processes that are needed for AGILE to work.
  • TOP gives clarity to the project delivery process by ensuring that all activities required to deliver the Desired Outcomes can be identified, cost-estimated, project-planned and managed.

TOP does, however, disagree with some of the orthodox views on projects delivery. For example, there is a view that “projects do not deliver benefits, programs do.”

TOP says all projects and programs should deliver value!

TOP is designed to be ...



TOP's knowledge and expertise is practical, simple to use, and specifically designed so you can build competency as you can learn and apply it to your own projects. You apply the tools and techniques, and by working with others, they learn how to apply them too. That way, you build organizational capability. 


We are presently undertaking a major upgrade of all the TOP online materials. These will be released incrementally commencing from mid-September 2020.
If you would like more information or to gain early access, please contact us.

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